Alexis Smith, Marketing & Communications Manager

A proponent of stakeholder engagement, Alexis Smith leads all marketing, communications, brand, sponsorship sales, and creative services, including content. With a background in government relations, fundraising, non-profits, and donor stewardship, she has a flair for creating impactful marketing opportunities that are strategic and measurable. Alexis is a trivia buff and sports enthusiast: she plays on three baseball teams, and is a rugby and Canucks hockey fan. She enjoys crosswords, Sudoku, road trips, camping and “all things summer.”

Most memorable PRIME moment: “On a familiarization trip to South Africa, we went on a safari to Kruger National Park. We overnighted in luxurious little cabins perched like eagle’s nests up in trees (where Kate and Prince William stayed). I slept on a bed outside on my deck, so when I woke up, I was listening to hippos and giraffes, and hundreds of creatures drinking from the river. I kept thinking, is this really happening? Am I really here? It made me cry, it was so incredible. Everything was a moment.”

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